Our Methodology

As you excel inside the classroom and on the field you increase your chances of being recruited.  However with so many athletes vying for scholarships, the days of leaving this precious opportunity to chance can no longer be an option.  Your efforts must be deliberate and proactive.

Two of the biggest myths regarding recruiting and obtaining an athletic scholarship revolve around if you are one of the star players on your team college programs will automatically find you.  In some cases this is true however all too often many exceptional athletes go unnoticed because of the time and resources required for college coaches to recruit specific athletes that could be a great fit for their programs.  With our Elite Prep Qualifiers methods, college coaches have the ability to scout a plethora of college bound athletes without exhausting their recruiting budgets.

The second biggest myth is that there are billions of dollars in non-athletic scholarship funds available but this simply isn’t the case.  While there are millions of dollars in scholarship opportunities that go unclaimed each year the biggest challenge these sources face revolve around finding candidates that best fit the description of their scholarship requirements.  

That’s why Elite Prep Qualifiers grant our total athlete database to multiple trustworthy and vetted outlets who offer scholarship opportunities in addition to traditional college programs.   For administrators and funding sources they gain an added resource outlet in which to evaluate potential scholarship candidates and college athletic programs can evaluate college bound athletes with a few strokes of their keyboard.  To cap things off our automated system periodically notifies the athlete and/or their parents of the total number and type of programs who have viewed their profile.  

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